Exclusive Preview | <i>Wolverine and Jubilee #1</i>

If you saw the preview of Wolverine and Jubilee #1 that Comic Book Resources ran last month, you know that Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto look to be hitting it out of the park with a mini-series that reteams Wolverine with his old sidekick, the newly vamped out Jubilee.

Courtesy of our friends at Marvel Comics, we're pleased to bring you even more pages from the January-shipping title as a part of our birthday bash. Check it out after the jump


Here's the solicitation text:

WOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #1 (OF 4) (NOV100608)WOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #1 (OF 4) MALAVIA VARIANT (NOV100609)Written by KATHRYN IMMONENArt by PHIL NOTOCover by OLIVIER COIPELVariant Cover by NIMIT MALAVIARated T+…$2.99FOC – 12/20/10, On-Sale – 1/19/10

(Mighty marvelous thanks to our friend Arune!)

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