EXCLUSIVE preview: <i>Weathercraft</i> by Jim Woodring

Here's another one I was excited to receive this week, a preview of Jim Woodring's first full-length graphic novel, Weathercraft, due in April from Fantagraphics. You can a few more details on the book provided by the publisher and see more pages after the jump.


WEATHERCRAFTby Jim Woodring$19.99 HardcoverCOMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Literary104 pages, black-and-white, 7 ½” x 9 ½”ISBN: 978-1-60699-340-8


For over 20 years now, Jim Woodring has delighted, touched, and puzzled readers around the world with his lush, wordless tales of “Frank.”

Weathercraft is Woodring’s first full-length graphic novel set in this world—indeed, Woodring’s first graphic novel, period!—and it features the same hypnotically gorgeous linework and mystical iconography.

As it happens, Frank has only a brief supporting appearance in Weathercraft, which actually stars Manhog, Woodring’s pathetic, brutish everyman (or everyhog), who had previously made several appearances in “Frank” stories (as well as a stunning solo turn in the short story “Gentlemanhog”).

After enduring 32 pages of almost incomprehensible suffering, Manhog embarks upon a transformative journey and attains enlightenment. He wants to go to celestial realms but instead altruistically returns to the Unifactor to undo a wrong he has inadvertently brought about: The transformation of the evil politician Whim into a mind-destroying plant-demon who distorts and enslaves Frank and his friends. The new and metaphysically expanded Manhog sets out for a final battle with Whim...

Weathercraft also co-stars Frank’s cast of beloved supporting characters, including Frank’s Faux Pa and the diminutive, mailbox-like Pupshaw and Pushpaw; it is both a fully independent story that is a great introduction to Woodring’s world, and a sublime addition to, and extension of, the Frank stories.

Weathercraft will be a defining graphic novel of 2010.

(Many thanks, Eric Reynolds and Paul Baresh!)

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