Exclusive preview | Superpowers are status quo in 'Average Joe'

If you're a fan of superheroes, there's been some point where you wished you had superpowers. But in the 2014 graphic novel Average Joe from Com.X, you'll find out what happens when everyone had superpowers.

Created by longtime Ain't It Cool writer Rob Patey (aka Optimous Douche) and illustrated by Stephen Andrade, Average Joe showcases a world in which superpowers aren't too super any more, but just the status quo. According to the writer, Average Joe asks, "What if the whole world had superpowers, yet we never became better as a result?” Com.X has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive first look at this full-color graphic novel, along with an official description:

When practically everyone has a special ability what does it take to stand out and make a difference? That’s the question asked in Average Joe.

In 1938 an alien known as “The One” landed on Earth, infecting humanity with powers beyond our wildest imagination and irrevocably changing the course of history. Forty years later he left as abruptly as he arrived; leaving a legacy no one can escape from.Now in 2014, whilst The One’s children have become slaves to their powers, a threat looms from beyond our galaxy, and one cop from Philadelphia needs to decide whether he will continue to be an Average Joe or accept that even with marginal power comes the greatest responsibility.

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