EXCL. PREVIEW: Clark & Jon's Teamwork Has Room For Improvement in Superman #26

The Man of Steel and his son are going through rough patch as their partnership isn't as effective as it could be. Despite everything his father is trying to teach him, Superboy is impulsive and reckless. Jon believes that his superpowers are the solution to every problem, and Superman is worried that his son's stubbornness and overconfidence is going to result in needless property damage and may endanger the lives of very people they try to help.

Running out of options, Clark believes a lesson from his own childhood taught to him by his adopted father Jonathan Kent will resonate with young Jon, and hopefully get the fledgling superhero to start putting more thought into his heroics.

CBR has your exclusive first look at DC Comics' Superman #26, written by Michael Moreci, with art by Scott Godlewski, in stores July 5th, 2017.

Superman #26

  • Michael Moreci (w) • Scott Godlewski (a)
  • Cover: Lee Weeks
  • Variant Cover: Jorge Jimenez
  • Superman and Superboy's teamwork is off and Clark is at a loss for how to fix it. Maybe an old trick Pa pulled when Clark was a boy might help get the father-son team get back on the right track!
  • Rating: Teen
  • In Shops: July 5th, 2017
  • SRP: $2.99

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