Exclusive Preview | Secret Acres to release <i>Capacity</i> #8

Hot off the heels of his graphic novel The Understanding Monster, Theo Ellsworth and his publisher Secret Acres will release the eighth issue of Ellsworth's ongoing one-man anthology series, Capacity. The issue will debut May 11 at the Toronto Comics Art Festival, and will be in comic stores in June. You can read the full press release, as well as see a three-page preview of the comic, below. And yes, Virginia, Part 2 of The Understanding Monster is also expected for 2013.

Secret Acres is ecstatic to announce that Theo Ellsworth will be returning home to Capacity, with an all new eighth issue of the series that the Chicago Tribune calls “a roller coasterlike road system traversing living forests, creature-rich rivers, wise-eyed mountains and on into space, from which waves a friendly paw.” His Capacity collection was one of the most beloved comics in recent memory, listed among the best comics of the year by the Village Voice, the Huffington Post (small press) and the Comics Reporter, to name a few.

Following the release of Ellsworth’s The Understanding Monster – Book One, and preceding the release of the second volume of that trilogy, Capacity 8 is the first single issue comic since his Sleeper Car, a Best American Comics selection. While both Sleeper Car and The Understanding Monster, which the New York Times’ Douglas Wolk described as “imagination turned up to fire hose intensity,” are works of fiction, Capacity has always been a true story. This latest installment is no exception. As Theo would tell you, everything really happened – in his mind. If you’re familiar with his comics, you know that you’re going to be part of the proceedings as well, or as the Village Voice wrote: “Ellsworth seeks, again and again, to transform the reader into his silent witness and co-conspirator.” He’s done it again with Capacity 8.

  • BOOK DEBUT: Toronto Comics Art Festival, May 11th and 12th, 2013, at the Toronto Reference Library, 780 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • STITCH BOUND, 32 pgs, ISBN 978-0-9831662-9-0, 6x9 in, $7.00



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