Exclusive Preview of Top Cow's "Hunter-Killer" #1

It's turning in to something of an Image Comics preview week here at CBR. Monday we gave you a look at "The Amazing Joy Buzzards" (issue #1 is out today, by the way), then Tuesday we took a look at February's "Battle Hymn." Today, Top Cow has provided CBR News with a preview of "Hunter-Killer" #1, hitting comic shops February 23rd. With a creative team boasting writer Mark Waid, penciller Marc Silvestri, inker Joe Weems and colorist Steve Firchow, "Hunter-Killer" has generated very high interest amongst fans and is an assured hit.

"'Hunter-Killer' is grounded in the growing outrage we as a nation have against an increasingly corrupt administration, balanced against the idea that there really are people in charge 'up there' who do have a sense of morality and do want to do what's right," writer Mark Waid told CBR News in an interview last September. "To that end, we're revealing the existence of a fourth, secret branch of the U.S. Government that's been in existence since colonial times: the 'Failsafe Branch,' charged with the responsibility of keeping our government in line. The old trope about 'black ops' stories is that 'there are some jobs too dirty for the government.' Yeah, well, anyone who's read a newspaper in the past few years is probably with me when I say, 'Really?' The Failsafe crew is out to change that image and make America the good guys again--even if they have to do it in secret."

Waid said that, at its core, "Hunter-Killer" is a buddy book, the two main characters of which are named Ellis and Wolf, both action heroes themselves.

"Ellis is more thoughtful and philosophical, while Wolf is more of a wild card. In no one story are you guaranteed to like them both; more often than not, one or the other finds himself in the unenviable position of having to make a hard, hard choice for the greater good of the country. There are no easy solutions for the Failsafe Crew."

For more with Waid, as well as concept sketch art, click here. Click any of the images below to launch the preview.

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