EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Jordan & Zircher's "Shadowman" #1

Valiant Entertainment's "Summer of Valiant" is rapidly coming to a close, but the relaunched publisher's plans aren't about to slow down just because Fall is approaching.

In November, "Shadowman" makes his new Valiant U debut under the guidance of co-writers Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher, with Zircher also providing art for the series. One of Valiant's most popular characters during his initial run in the '90s, this new incarnation of Jack Boniface maintains much of the original hero's basic aspects, but with twists designed to update him for today's day and age. And while the pages below feature the new Valiant U's incarnation of Master Darque, Jordan promises there are plenty more villains to come.

"You will definitely see some old villains -- you will see some old villains really quickly," Jordan said in an interview with CBR News. "You will get to meet new villains. It's kind of like what we're doing for Shadowman himself. We're picking and choosing the stuff we thought worked best out of the old one and redoing that while adding some new stuff to it that we think will be cool. It's going to be a mixture of classic and new stuff."

Check out CBR's exclusive colored and lettered preview of "Shadowman" #1, by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher, below.

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