EXCLUSIVE: Heroes in Crisis #9 Sees the Attempt to Save Wally West

Tom King and Clay Mann's Heroes in Crisis recently revealed Wally West as the killer responsible for the deaths of Sanctuary's patients. Now, with the series set to conclude with Heroes in Crisis #9, CBR's exclusive first look at the issue shows Booster Gold, Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Blue Beetle attempting to stop Wally West from killing himself.

Specifically, the Wally from the past has gone into the future to murder himself as part of his plan to frame Harley and Booster for their fellow patients' deaths. Heroes in Crisis #8 features the revelation that Wally had attempted to frame the pair for everyone's death, including his, using his ability to travel through time to aid him in his misguided and deadly quest.

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Whether Booster, Harley and the rest will succeed isn't made clear from the preview, of course. but it does set the stage for the final chapter of King and Mann's controversial epic, which arrives in stores Wednesday, May 29.


  • written by TOM KING
  • art and cover by CLAY MANN
  • variant cover by RYAN SOOK
  • The most-talked-about miniseries of the year reaches its stunning finale! The mystery behind the murders at Sanctuary is solved, but the mind behind it is one the heroes never expected. With their deepest secrets exposed, the Trinity has to consider how to carry on. Should the tragedy cause them to redouble their efforts to help their hurting comrades, or will they need to close up shop? The answers will be found in the ashes of this final showdown, and the fates of Booster Gold, Harley Quinn and the rest hang in the balance.
  • ON SALE 05.22.19
  • $3.99 US | 9 of 9 | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T+
  • This issue will ship with two covers.
  • Please see the order form for details.

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Heroes in Crisis #9, by writer Tom King, artist Clay Mann, colorist Tomeu Morey and letter Clayton Cowles, releases May 29.

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