Exclusive preview | 'Hellbreak' #1 by Bunn, Churilla and Stewart

In Hellbreak, the upcoming supernatural action series by Cullen Bunn, Brian Churilla and Dave Stewart, there's an infinite number of Hells, each unique and terrible in its own way. When a demon takes possession of a person, sending his soul to one of those Hells, it's up to the Kerberos Project, using forbidden technology, to send in an extraction team to rescue it.

Oni Press has provided ROBOT 6 an exclusive preview of Hellbreak #1, offering a ghastly glimpse of one of those Hells. But what's Bunn's vision for his own?

"For me, Hell might be total darkness and odd sounds," the writer siad. "I'm not afraid of the dark necessarily. But if I imagine being stranded in blackness, hearing a constant barrage of terrifying sounds - -sudden air horn-like whistles, screams of terror or of pain, my kid sobbing uncontrollably, footsteps rushing toward me -- it becomes a little more chilling to consider. My Hell might be all about the deprivation of one sense coupled with the abuse of another. Or ... God help me ... more than one."

Hellbreak #1 arrives March 11 with a cover price of just $1.

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