EXCLUSIVE preview: <i>Guardians of the Galaxy #22</i>

We've got another preview for you courtesy of Marvel Comics, the first of two comics from their cosmic line. When I went looking for some previews to show you guys today, Marvel asked me what some of my favorite titles were from the House of Ideas. I replied with a list of, I don't know, maybe ten titles, and they sent me art for four of them near the top of my list. The first three on the list, IIRC, were Fantastic Four, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. I think I had Invincible Iron Man at no. 4, followed by Incredible Hercules (which you saw earlier today).

There's been a lot of cool stuff going on in Guardians lately; here's the solicitation information for issue 22, and you can check out some more pages from it after the jump. You can also check out the cover to issue #24, where we find out "What emerges from the cocoon?"

COVER BY: ALEX GARNERWRITER: Dan AbnettAndy LanningPENCILS: Brad WalkerINKS: ArrayCOLORED BY: Jay David RamosLETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna

THE STORY:A REALM OF KINGS ISSUE! Holy Octo-mom! What’s growing in Moondragon’s belly, why is the Universal Church of Truth obsessed with keeping her, and can the Guardians rescue her before the planet they’re on goes supernova? Find out in the series that IGN calls “Impressive…Brad Walker’s pages are a dazzling sight…Guardians of the Galaxy is still standing tall and strong.” Rated T …$2.99

PRICE: 2.99IN STORES: January 27, 2010

(P-R-O-P-S: Arune Singh and Bill Rosemann!)

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