EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Gage & Higgins Kick Off Justice Lords "Beyond" Crossover

The Justice Lords are coming. The violent, alternate universe Justice League team first introduced in 2003's "A Better World" episode of the "Justice League" animated series will be causing all sorts of havoc for DC Comics' digital first titles "Batman Beyond 2.0" and "Justice League Beyond," written by Kyle Higgins and Christos Gage, respectively. The titles will cross over for the first time since the writers took over the relaunched titles, with the Justice Lords storyline kicking off on March 29 in "Batman Beyond 2.0" #17 by Higgins and artist Tony Silas.

Since assuming control of DC's Animated Beyond Universe in comic form, Higgins said he and Gage have been itching for the chance to work more closely together. "One of the first conversations Chris and I had when we took over the Beyond Universe was how fun and natural a crossover could be," Higgins, said. "I mean, our two series share characters, alternate release weeks, and split a print book. That and, you know, Chris and I live two blocks from each other. [Laughs]

"That said, we both wanted to make sure we had a story important enough to warrant a crossover while also finding a structure that made each side of the event unique and important," Higgins continued. "With the return of Wonder Woman to our timeline and the expedition by Terry to the Justice Lords timeline, I feel pretty darn confident that we've accomplished that!"

Gage shared his writing partner in crime's enthusiasm for the project. "From the start, Kyle and I agreed that if we got to do a Beyond crossover, it had to be BIG. What's bigger than the Justice Lords, one of the most influential storylines in the DC Animated Universe? Together with editor Alex Antone and our amazing artistic collaborators, like Dexter Soy, Thony Silas, and the rest of our all-star roster, we've hatched a story that spans our world, the Justice Lords' universe, war, marriage, tragedy, and enough shocking moments to span centuries! We hope the readers enjoy it as much as we have!"

DC Comics has also provided CBR with an exclusive preview of the first chapter, on sale tomorrow via comiXology.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on the Justice Lords crossover.

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