Exclusive preview | Carla Speed McNeil's 'Finder: Torch'

Carla Speed McNeil is about to make Finder fans happy, as she's at work on a new story arc (tentatively called "Torch") that will be serialized this year in Dark Horse Presents. To give you an idea of what's in store, McNeil provided ROBOT 6 with some exclusive pages, freshly colored by Jenn Manley Lee, and a revelation that the new story:

... picks up straight from where Third World left off, and deals with the terrible aftershocks and repercussions wrought by Jaeger's having gotten a job. Haha, I joke, it deals with the trials and tribulations of Rachel Grosvenor as she attempts to cash in her fifteen minutes of fame and glamour for a stable future in her society. What do you do with the brass ring once you have it? Cut-throat courtship in a big futuristic city, complete with assassinations, kidnapping, and possession by demigods.

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