EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Brian Wood's "The Massive"

Dark Horse has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of Brian Wood's "The Massive," which debuts in today's "Dark Horse Presents" #8, takes place in the midst of a unique environmental collapse.

"The Massive" is one of several story ideas I came up with that I refer to as 'post-crash,'" Wood told CBR News in 2011. "In each case, that means something a little different -- an economic crash, and environmental crash, a breakdown of society, a man-made disaster of some kind. Basically, a disaster story that starts after the disaster has already come and gone. That probably sounds a lot like 'post-apocalyptic,' but in no way am I writing this as genre. But yeah, in the case of 'The Massive,' this is an environmental collapse, a rather unique one, and the story starts in the aftermath."

The writer also described "The Massive" as the "next step in the evolution of what I'm doing in comics" and broke down his previous endeavors into categories while projecting where he's hoping to go in the future. "I sorta feel I can group my past work into specific "eras," defined by a couple things but mostly by my personal perceptions," Wood said. "This may be boring to people who aren't really familiar with my backlist, but all the books I did prior to "Demo" I put in a category, where I was sort of playing around with comics and trying to figure out not only how to write them but what I wanted to say, what my "voice" was. And then along came "Demo" and up to and including my current Vertigo work, "DMZ" and "Northlanders," where I figured that out and got a bunch of stuff out of my head and became, in my own eyes, a fully realized writer. And now I am in the position to take the next step, to build on all of that which came before, and advance myself to a next level."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on "The Massive."

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