EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Beth lives in Orphan Black: Deviations #1

What would have happened if Beth had been stopped from jumping in front of the train that killed her?

From the moment Detective Elizabeth Childs committed suicide, Sarah Manning's life was changed forever. But what if Sarah had prevented Beth from killing herself on that fateful day? Thanks to Orphan Black: Deviations #1 that question will be answered! How will the other clones come together with Beth alive?

IDW Publishing has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Orphan Black: Deviations #1, written by Heli Kennedy with art by Wayne Nichols (the creative team behind "Orphan Black: Helsinki").

Orphan Black: Deviations #1

  • Heli Kennedy (w) • Wayne Nichols (a) • Cat Staggs (c)
  • In a world where Sarah managed to save Beth from taking her own life! With this single twist of fate, the Clone Club comes together in a completely different way and the mystery of Project LEDA unfolds in new, exiting ways! See all your favorite characters return in an all-new light!
  • Find out what happens in a world... where Sarah saved Beth!
  • Check out the Mash-up variant!
  • Part of IDW’s Deviations five-week event!
  • Papercraft variant cover!
  • Rated T
  • In Shops: March 29th, 2017
  • SRP: $4.99
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