For Bruce Wayne, business is officially open.

Launching tomorrow in comic stores from DC Comics comes "Batman, Inc." #1 by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. The ongoing monthly series will dig deeper into the shocking recent revelation inside the DC Universe where Bruce Wayne publicly revealed that he has funded the Dark Knight's operations for years. To celebrate the release of this new director for the caped crusader, CBR is proud to present an exclusive preview from the first issue below.

Morrison spoke with CBR News last month about the upcoming series, saying, "I love the whole idea of the International Batmen from the Club of Heroes kind of thing, and it's always fun in a story to switch locations and play with a different backdrop - Batman in a new setting. Just to see Batman in the streets of Japan surrounded by all this neon and flashing lights is really cool."

Check out the preview below and then watch our interviews with Morrison and DC co-publisher Dan Didio on the series from last summer's Comic-Con International!

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