EXCLUSIVE: Power Man & Iron Fist Break The Fourth Wall In Sienkiewicz Variant

Luke Cage and Danny Rand aren't the only ones reuniting in Marvel's upcoming "Power Man and Iron Fist" series. Bill Sienkiewicz, who provided some eye-catching ads for the series back in the '80s, will lend his legendary talent to the new series by way of an attention-grabbing variant cover. CBR has the exclusive first look at Sienkiewicz's variant for "Power Man and Iron Fist" #2, which features the titular duo talking directly to the audience in a similar fashion to the artist's original 1984 ads. You can check out the new variant cover as well as the ads it homages below.

The cover also plays up part of the status quo featured in the new series, which comes from writer David Walker and artist Sanford Greene. Luke's new role as a father will factor into the book, as Walker mentioned in a chat with CBR.

"In terms of a guy like Luke Cage, how do you top having him become a father and a husband? He's a guy you never thought that would happen to," said Walker. "In terms of Danny Rand, how do you top all of the things that have happened to K'un-Lun and all of the major losses that he's experienced? Where are the new places we can take these characters that aren't just fantastic and over the top, but are also really grounded in humanity and the things that make a reader laugh and cry? Because it's not just enough to make them go, 'Oh that was cool!' You get five or six of those moments and it's great, but then it starts to get boring. It's like, where's the humanity in these characters?"

"Power Man & Iron Fist" #2 arrives in March.




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