EXCLUSIVE: Paolo Rivera Covers "Action Comics" #18

If it wasn't enough to wrap their run with the Superman Revenge Squad, rogue angels and a five-faced imp called Vyndktvx, the creative team behind DC Comics' "Action Comics" is showing off all those elements to the final cover all at once.

Writer Grant Morrison and his artists Rags Morales and Brad Walker went double-sized for the unexpected 18th issue of "Action," and today DC gives CBR an exclusive first look at CBR at Eisner Award-winning artist Paolo Rivera's contribution to the proceedings with this jam-packed variant:

In a recent interview with CBR, Morrison described the endgame of his two-year run with the New 52 Man of Steel saying, "The story grew out, and once I added a few villains, that added some doors to other stuff that could happen."

The last story arc has expanded by two issues and will feature Superman's final battle over three time periods of is life as Vyndktvx brings the worst villains of his career to bear on Clark Kent in some surprising ways. "I felt that I should at least hint at what happened to Superman over those five years of his early life. What could be a good story structure for that? I didn't want to do one of those kind of playbook things where you go, "This year, this happened to Superman. And the year after, this happened to Superman." I wanted to make it part of the plot and part of the action. That meant bringing in a villain who could operate in a lot of different timelines simultaneously, and that led me to the Fifth Dimension."

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