Exclusive Pages from Rex Mundi: Hill of Martyrs

On sale this week is Dark Horse’s “Rex Mundi” #13 by writer Arvid Nelson, featuring artwork by the legendary Guy Davis & Dave Stewart as well as newcomers Brian Churilla & Jason Millet, who contribute to the issue a special bonus story featuring the return of fan-favorite supporting player Brother Matthew! Last seen in a web-only story in 2001, Brother Matthew returns in “Hill of Martyrs,” a new murder mystery that begins in “Rex Mundi” #13 and continues online right here on CBR and at DarkHorse.com, a move that harkens back to the acclaimed series’ roots.

Speaking of the original Brother Mayhew story first published at RexMundi.net in 2001, creator Arvid Nelson told CBR News, “It really helped 'Rex Mundi' #0 sell out so quickly. I immediately wrote a follow-up, but just then 'Rex Mundi' kicked into high gear. So this 'new' story, 'Hill of Martyrs,' has been languishing on my hard drive for about seven years!"

"Hill of Martyrs" confronts Brother Matthew with an unusual murder to solve. "The mystery is set in a posh hotel in Paris. A servant girl of one of the guests is found brutally murdered one morning, but the trail of blood from her corpse abruptly stops at the door she was thrown out," Nelson said. "The Inquisition is totally stumped, so they call in Brother Matthew, a young inquisitor who's gathered a reputation as an exceptional sleuth in the countryside. It's his first case in Paris, and the stakes are high. A lot of high-ranking guests at the hotel are his suspects!"

Pages one through fourteen of “Brother Matthew: Hill of Martyrs” can be read in “Rex Mundi” #13, on sale this week in finer comics stores everywhere, and pages fifteen through seventeen are available exclusively here at CBR. The subsequent three pages are now available on Dark Horse’s website, and the story will continue there in three-page installments every Wednesday.

Look for more installments of "Brother Matthew: Hill of Martyrs" in the coming days on DarkHorse.com.

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