EXCLUSIVE: Olivetti, Mooneyham, Reynolds Illustrate Dark Horse's "AvP" Franchise

Dark Horse Comics has made it clear that the "Aliens" and "Predator" franchises are a big priority for them in 2014, with new "Aliens," "Predator," "Prometheus" and "Aliens vs. Predator" miniseries launching this fall, all set in a shared continuity with the overarching title "Fire and Stone." CBR has the exclusive first look at interior pages for the upcoming "Aliens," "Predator" and "Aliens vs. Predator" series, along with the announcement that Ariel Olivetti will join writer Chris Sebela on "Aliens vs. Predator."

"With 'Prometheus,' the film generated such controversy when it came out, and being set in the world of 'Aliens,' it raised all new questions about how that movie fit in with all the other projects," Dark Horse publisher and founder Mike Richardson said to CBR News in January. "So we decided to find a way to fill in the cracks around what Ridley [Scott] is doing with his movies. He himself said that this all took place in the same universe, and we took that as our launch point to again make comics that we thought would make for great movies. We want to answer a few of the questions that were raised in 'Prometheus' and pose some additional questions while having a related set of books all set in that same fictional universe."

Olivetti has past "Aliens vs. Predator" history, having illustrated 2007's "Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator."

"As a project, we came into the writer's room looking to start fresh," Sebela told CBR News last October. "We're working off the same template, we definitely want to build a world like those books did, to expand the possibilities and the mythologies of these species and this universe."

As previously announced, artist Patric Reynolds is joining writer Chris Roberson on "Aliens."

"The way that [Dark Horse editor-in-chief] Scott [Allie] originally described this to me was that he wanted to do this like a writer's room on a television show," Roberson informed CBR News in March. "It's a little different than that because we're all responsible for our own piece in the end, but everyone collaborates on the plots and outline-level stuff on everybody's books. All the books -- all five of the books -- do tie together. They're each pieces of a larger story. You can read each in isolation, but if you read all of them in order, a bigger story emerges."

Artist Chris Mooneyham was revealed as the illustrator of the Joshua Williamson-written "Predator" last weekend in Chicago at C2E2.

"My 'Predator' story is about regret, obsession and being careful what you wish for," Williamson told CBR News last October. "Our Predator is on his last great hunt. Trying to kill the one thing it never could. What the Predator is hunting is a mystery."

The "Fire and Stone" line will include five books in total, with the fifth still unrevealed. "Prometheus" will be written by Paul Tobin, with art from Juan Ferreyra.

"Prometheus" #1 is set for release on Sept. 10, with subsequent series then launching biweekly in this order: "Aliens," "Alien vs. Predator" and "Predator."

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