EXCLUSIVE: Old Man Logan Battles Maestro's Hulk Army in Deodato Art


When the Maestro (the older, balder and meaner Hulk from a possibly dystopian future) crosses paths with Logan (the older, grittier and less-costumed Wolverine from a possible dystopian future), it's pretty much a given that gamma-irradiated blood will flow.

INTERVIEW: Brisson Pits Old Man Logan Against the Maestro & His Hulk Army

The pair will cross paths in "Old Man Logan" #25, writer Ed Brisson and artist Mike Deodato's first issue as the series' new creative team -- but the odds will not be in Logan's favor. The Maestro isn't afraid to do his own dirty work (he actually kind of relishes it), but he's bringing an army of Hulks with him for this battle. Plucking his new minions from Logan's wasteland of a time stream and bringing them to the modern day in order to take down the X-Man, Maestro is doing his best to ensure the Marvel Universe doesn't get a happy ending...

"Maestro is here, and he’s got his very own army of Hulks," Brisson told CBR in a recent interview. "This is a chance to see how Maestro would utilize that. How he’d lead a legion of gamma radiated gladiators toward their own ideal of paradise -- a world run by Hulks, and free of humans. We’ve been positioning him so that he’s almost like a cult leader, with a cadre of Hulks as his followers."

Below, CBR has the exclusive first look at Deodato's interior art from "Old Man Logan" #25, showing the mutant hero doing what he does best against some of the Maestro's minions. Plus, we have the official debut of Deodato's cover art for "Issue #26!

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Deodato's cover for "Old Man Logan" #26
EXCLUSIVE: Mike Deodato's art from "Old Man Logan" #25
EXCLUSIVE: Mike Deodato's art from "Old Man Logan" #25

"Old Man Logan" #25, by Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato, arrives in stores June 14, 2017.

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