EXCLUSIVE: Nova Dog, Funny Animal X-Men All-New Marvel NOW! Variants

When Marvel Comics' solicitations for January-shipping titles dropped, readers picked up on the Animal Variant covers being offered for a number of All-New Marvel NOW! books, though neither art nor artists were revealed. Today, CBR has the exclusive debut of two of those covers, and man -- Paco Medina's cover for "Nova" #13.NOW starring Nova Dog gives us a hero who may give Rocket Raccoon a run for his money in the Cutest Little Space-Faring Hero category.

The other cover is illustrated by Chris Samnee, whose art will be gracing a number of the Animal Variants. Anthropomorphic versions of the original X-Men, brought together to further the rights of mutant animals everywhere by a tortoise version of Professor X, star in the variant for "All-New X-Men" #22.NOW.

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