EXCLUSIVE: Nighthawk Ready To Strike In Intimidating Keron Grant Variant

This May, the Squadron Supreme's most brutal member will embark on his first solo adventure in almost two decades with the release of "Nighthawk" #1 by David Walker and Ramon Villalobos. The series will see the vigilante roaming the dark streets of Chicago and doling out swift justice to those that deserve it. The series will also feature intimidating variant covers from a number of artists, and Marvel has given CBR an exclusive first look at artist Keron Grant's take on the street-level hero. You can check out Grant's variant for "Nighthawk" #3, as well as artist Declan Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire's variant for "Nighthawk" #2.

Writer David Walker previously spoke with CBR about the series and its setting.

"I've been doing a ton of research on Chicago and how crime has been escalating in the city over the years," said Walker. "It's really a sort of sad and terrifying glimpse at what can go wrong in an American city. I ask myself that if a city is a living, breathing entity as it were, and all cities have their own unique personalities, what would it be like to be a super hero in a city that just can't seem to heal itself, and you want to heal it even if it means you've got to chop its feet off? [Laughs] If the feet have gangrene, what are you going to do?"

You can check out a preview of "Nighthawk" #1, which arrives on May 25 and features a cover by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz and interior art by Ramon Villalobos, below.

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