EXCLUSIVE: New Chiang, Paquette DC Covers Depict Heroes Ready To Fight

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at three covers for upcoming comics. The trio of images offer alternative looks at two comics arriving in March while the third gives us our first glimpse at "Batman Eternal's" post-"Convergence" anniversary issue.

Yanick Paquette has provided variant covers for March's "The Multiversity: Ultra Comics" #1 and "Batman/Superman" #20. The former cover features daring new takes on Aquaman and Wonder Woman as they duke it out in front of a shocked Flash while the latter cover depicts Batman and Superman ready to spring into action. Cliff Chiang handled the cover for "Batman Eternal" #50, the weekly series' first issue back following a break for the linewide "Convergence" event. The image features a bloody Bat-family defiantly posed and backed up against a wall. You can check out all three covers below.

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