EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious 2000 AD Teasers Come Into Focus

For the third week straight, 2000 AD has sent three teaser images exclusively to CBR News.

As with the two previous sets of images, the publisher did not reveal the nature of the what it is they are promoting. However, where previous teasers shared the statement: "They are coming" above the date of 05.02.2012, this latest set spells out the date of 2nd May 2012 under a different word on each image: BURN, DECAY and GAZE. When marrying the words with the new, less abstracted imagery, it seems to lend weight to one of the theories currently running on CBR's forums. Namely that Judge Dredd fans should prepare for the return of the Dark Judges.

Since CBR posted the first batch of teasers, www.2000adonline has been updated with visitors being greeted by a countdown clock accompanied by ominous music before being redirected to the main site.

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