EXCLUSIVE: Mutants Battle Magneto On Art Adams' X-Men Blue #2 Cover

This April, an all-new era of Marvel's mutants will begin as the wave of ResurrXion titles rolls into stores. Among the new titles are a pair of flagship, twice monthly team books: "X-Men Gold" and "X-Men Blue." While "Gold" stars an all-star roster of classic X-Men, "Blue" will focus on the team of time-displaced original teen X-Men and their surprising new mentor, Magneto.

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Written by Cullen Bunn with art from Jorge Molina, the new "X-Men" series will reunite the young Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel, Beast and Iceman in the team's new headquarters. But tensions may rise between the heroes themselves, specifically between the team and their supposed mentor. These tensions are teased on the cover for "X-Men Blue" #2 -- which CBR exclusively debuted as part of this week's X-POSITION column. The cover, illustrated by Art Adams with colors by Peter Steigerwald, shows the teen X-Men going up against a larger-than-life depiction of Magneto.

X-Men Blue #2
EXCLUSIVE: "X-Men Blue" #2 cover by Art Adams and Peter Steigerwald

Bunn spoke about Magneto's role in "X-Men Blue" in this week's X-POSITION interview, saying that he won't exactly be a member of the team. "I think Magneto is best described as an arch-frenemy for the team," said Bunn. "He will not be taking the field with them, at least not any time soon. He’s certainly more of a mentor and guide, almost an Xavier figure for their group, but that’s not quite right either. His motivations must remain a mystery for now… and so must the motivations for the O5 ever working with him."

In addition to potentially sparring with the Master of Magnetism, the "X-Men Blue" team will go up against a number of classic X-Villains, Bunn hinted. "You will definitely be seeing some more classic and/or forgotten villains in the days to come," said the writer. "I’m not sure how much I want to spoil, but in the first issue of 'X-Men Blue' we’re going to see a supervillain duo that I think of as X-Men villain royalty. Then, in issue #2, I’ll be reintroducing another major villain. And as the series progresses, you’ll be seeing some enemies (as well as some allies who haven’t been seen in decades) that are really going to shock you!"

Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina and featuring Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, Angel, Cyclops and Magneto, "X-Men Blue" arrives in April.

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