EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Mr. and Mrs. X #1 Gives Rogue & Gambit New Costumes

When Mr. & Mrs. X debuts later this month, the series' stars will be sporting more than wedding rings -- they'll be wearing some all-new costumes as well. And, as you'd expect from a married superhero couple, they're a matching set.

Ahead of the debut of Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua's anticipated X-Men ongoing, CBR has the exclusive first look at Rogue and Gambit's first space-based adventure as a married couple. And, in addition to seeing a glimpse of the pair's impromptu wedding day and the arrival of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, we get the first high quality look at the duo's new costumes, illustrated by Bazaldua with colors by Frank D'Armata

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"A challenge of the book is to set them loose inside this new dynamic – what does it bring out in them that’s good and what’s bad – and how do they react to both those things," Thompson told CBR of her goals for the series. "They obviously got married in a flash of spontaneity, maybe not fully thinking about what it means. In the first arc, they’re going to be under so much pressure – and literally on the run – that they’re not going to have much time to think about that reality – but they will eventually have to confront it."

Don't let the Imperial Guard's appearance below, or Deadpool's arrival in the series' second issue fool you -- this is very much the Rogue and Gambit show, no matter the pair's history as part of the greater X-Men Universe. "For now, it’s Rogue and Gambit on their own, which is important," Thompson assures fans. "I had a great time with a lot their friends and family guest starring in the first issue for the wedding scenes, and I’m not opposed to some showing up in the future, but I do think it’s important to let Rogue and Gambit stand on their own for a bit. Besides, in the history of their relationship they’ve rarely been alone together for an extended period and still full-time heroes – and I think it’s high-time to see what that means for them and what that looks like! So far I love it, though I’m obviously a teeny bit biased."

Mr. and Mrs. X #1, by Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua, arrives in stores Wednesday, July 25.

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