EXCLUSIVE: Moon Knight Battles "Age of Ultron" In New Bryan Hitch Art

When Marvel Comics announced yesterday that its long-gestating "Age of Ultron" event series would finally see its release this March, Executive Editor and SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort promised that the company would soon release more art from Bryan Hitch. Though the best-selling penciler has seen delays in comics past, Brevoort promised that the artist's five issues of the accelerated shipping event were all in the can, and to back that claim up, Marvel today shared exclusive cover art and interior pages from March's "Age of Ultron" #2 with CBR.

Discussing the story in a conference call, writer Brian Michael Bendis said of the villain whose victory over the superheroes begins the story, "He's got severe daddy issues, even for a Marvel character [and] his logic is that it's his time to take the earth and the only thing standing in his way is the humans."

Of course, there will be resistance against Ultron's conquering of earth, and while the writer kept mum on many of the heroes who would play a role in the book, one person he was able to talk about was the split personality vigilante who also features heavily in these pages. "Moon Knight is one of the people to make it through, and he's as shocked as anyone to find that out," he said, adding that the Ultron casing from his and Alex Maleev's "Moon Knight" series will play into this storyline.

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