EXCLUSIVE: 'Mojo Worldwide' Goes Wild in First Look at X-Men Blue #15

Mojo's back, baby! But the grotesque media mogul from an another dimension is about to see his plans go up in smoke once again when Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina present the final chapter in X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold's crossover, "Mojo Worldwide."

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"Mojo is a character I’ve been planning to do something with for a while now," Bunn told CBR in a recent interview covering not only "Mojo Worldwide," but also the series' next arc, "Crosstime Caper," and Venom crossover, "Poison-X." "He appeared very briefly in my Uncanny X-Men run, leading up to this story. I had in my initial notes for X-Men Blue that Mojo would be the central villain for an arc, but when we started talking about ideas for [Marvel] Legacy, it just made sense to bring Mojo into that."

X-Men Blue #15, the conclusion of "Mojo Worldwide," arrives in stores Nov. 15. Check out the preview pages, along with the issue's cover and solicitation text, below.


  • Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS
  • In MOJOWORLD, JEAN GREY and her X-Men teammates take the fight to MOJO! But Mojo’s there with a hometown advantage, so this fight is far from over. Can the X-MEN prevail and stop the absolutely absurd Mojo-ification of midtown Manhattan?
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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