EXCLUSIVE: Millarworld 2012 Goes Viral

It's true that at one point in his life, writer Mark Millar held dreams of becoming a doctor, but after watching his new promotional video for this spring's Millarworld line of comics, you may just be happy he never became a teacher.

The spot was directed by Nacho Vigalondo, the Spanish director with whom Millar has been planning a film adaptation of he and Leinil Yu's incoming Icon series "Supercrooks," and it's only part of the campaign Millar is taking to comic fans and retailers to promote his line.

"Myself, Frank Quitely, Dave Gibbons, Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu and John Romita Jr have come together and created this line of books," he told CBR News while showing off a look inside his comics slate. "DC did it in the '40s, Marvel did it in the '60s, Image did it in the '90s and we're doing the same thing here -- the biggest artists in the industry coming together and creating a new wave of comic-book characters you're going to see as comics, TV shows, movies, toys and video-games. 'Wanted' and 'Kick-Ass' have already come out, but now it's full steam ahead as we plough forward with all these new books, the movies being set up at the same time from Matthew Vaughn, Nacho Vigalondo, Joe Carnahan and all the other guys we've been speaking to.

"It's enormously exciting and in an industry where even just last year we had a Green Lantern picture that neglected to have the names of the creators in the credits it's exciting to be doing all this and having both myself and all the artists as owners of the comics and producers on the movies. Each Millarworld book has been an enormous hit for us and 2012 looks like the biggest so far, the 'Supercrooks' and 'Secret Service' numbers being bigger than even the 'KICK-ASS' pre-orders. It's a cool time to be doing this job and our thanks for your support."

Check out Millar's full in-house ads below, and stay tuned to CBR for more on "The Secret Service" later this week.

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