EXCLUSIVE: Mike Carey Shares a Look Inside DC's The Dollhouse Family

DC has released the first look at its latest line of horror comics, offering readers a preview of what Locke & Key co-creator and horror novelist Joe Hill has curated for his pop-up label, Hill House Comics.

The label will launch with five limited series: Basketful of Heads by Hill and artist Leomacs; The Dollhouse Family by writer Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross; The Low, Low Woods, written by Carmen Maria Machado and illustrated by Dani; Daphne Byrne by writer Laura Marks and artist Kelley Jones; and Plunge, written by Hill and an artist to be named at a later date. All five series are represented in the online sampler, along with a sixth project from Hill and Dan McDaid. Sea Dogs is described as "an old-school serialized pulp strip that will appear in every issue of Hill House Comics and takes place on the high seas where a fledgling American government uses werewolves in its fight to gain independence from the British."

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Below, CBR has a preview of The Dollhouse Family, along with an exclusive behind the scenes description of the series from Carey. You can read the entire sampler on DC's website.

"There's nothing about being part of the Hill House line that I don't love," Carey said. "Collaborating with Joe [Hill], one of the most important voices in modern horror, is exhilarating. Getting to reassemble the Unwritten team of Peter Gross, Vince Locke and Todd Klein is pure joy. And I think we're all doing some of the best work of our careers."

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"The brief was wide open," the author continued. "Write a horror book that's genuinely scary and does something new and interesting. I thought about it for about a day and a half, and then the idea for Dollhouse Family popped up like toast. I suspect it's got The Haunting of Hill House and Locke and Key in its DNA somewhere, but we've tried our best to make it be its own thing. Certainly it's going to look both gorgeous and terrifying."

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