EXCLUSIVE: Meet the (Many) Characters of "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham"

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's soon-to-be-released "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" looks to firmly put an emphasis on the latter two words of its title, with advance promotion revolving around the fact that it's much more of a space-spanning DC Universe-wide affair than solely a Batman game.

"LEGO Batman 3" reportedly features more than 150 characters -- plenty of Batman and his supporting cast and villains, yes, but also decidedly less expected DC Comics characters like Saint Walker, Polka Dot Man and Condiment King; all showing up in LEGO form. In a new video debuting exclusively on CBR, the game's development team discusses the process of incorporating so many characters and settings into the third entry of the toy tie-in video game franchise that debuted in 2008 with the original "LEGO Batman."

"We thought, 'LEGO Batman 2' introduced DC, let's now go to town with it -- let's really go into in these characters and bring this world to life," Phill Ring, one of the game's executive producers, said in the video. "We really wanted to dig into the wider world of everything that was not only DC, but also LEGO. From a DC perspective, we tried to get as much access to anything we can -- comic books, TV series, the films, cartoons. Anything we can get our hands on."

To that end, the game -- with a plot centered on LEGO Brainiac attempting to collect planets -- includes LEGO-fied versions of the '60s TV Batman; "Arrow" main characters Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and Diggle; a Nurse Joker from "The Dark Knight;" and former animated series star Batman Beyond. The game also has actual, real-life people appearing as characters including DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, talk show host (and self-proclaimed "Clueless Gamer") Conan O'Brien and writer/director/podcaster/Batman superfan Kevin Smith -- all transformed into the whimsical LEGO Minifigure style.

"Beyond Gotham" arrives in a successful year for year LEGO Batman -- this year's "The LEGO Movie" featured Will Arnett voicing the part, and the response helped lead to Warner Bros. announcing a standalone spinoff for 2017. "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" is scheduled for release Tuesday, Nov. 11 on multiple platforms including current-gen consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U.

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