EXCLUSIVE: McNiven Brings Closure to "Death of Wolverine" with Final Three Covers

If Wolverine is truly going to die this September, it looks like Marvel wants him to go out in style: CBR has the exclusive first look at the covers to September's "Death of Wolverine" #2, #3 and #4, each from the art team of Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten and Justin Ponsor.

The four-issue "Death of Wolverine" series is scheduled to ship weekly, each Wednesday in September, from the creative team of McNiven and rising-star writer Charles Soule, in his highest-profile Marvel work yet. The series is billed as culminating in what's promised plainly in the title: The death of Wolverine, one of Marvel's most popular and recognizable characters, following the loss of his healing factor in recent story arcs in the Paul Cornell-written "Wolverine" solo series.

The timing puts the highly touted event against DC Comics' upcoming "Futures End" month, that publisher's effort to continue the dominance of September market share that they've enjoyed since the launch of The New 52 in 2011.

"We did our gut-check way back when Paul Cornell pitched the idea of taking away Logan's healing factor," Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told CBR News in May. "Ever since we approved that plot-point, we've been walking the slow road to acceptance. We're about to take Logan off the board. That's a move that's going to have line-wide ramifications -- from the solo series to any team or series he's currently a part of. But we're ready for it. [X-Men Group Editor] Mike [Marts] has a plan, and we think there will be lots of reasons to be excited this September and beyond."

For good measure, here's a look at McNiven's previously revealed cover to "Death of Wolverine" #1:

"Death of Wolverine" #1 is scheduled for release on Sept. 3, with each subsequent issue released weekly.

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