EXCLUSIVE: Mary Jane is Super on Marvel Comics Variant Covers


Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

In June, Mary Jane Watson takes over Marvel Comics' slate of releases, as she's the featured character for the publisher's variant cover theme for the month, celebrating the debut of the all-new "Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man" series. Today, CBR has the first look at a trinity of MJ's covers, reimagining the core Spider-Man cast member as a trio of other heroes.

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First, we see Mary Jane do her best Wolverine impersonation, claws and all, as she provides her own twist on Laura Kinney's current look. The cover, by David Lopez, will be available as a variant edition of "All-New Wolverine" #21.

EXCLUSIVE: All-New Wolverine #21 variant by David Lopez

Next, we have MJ reimagined as Spider-Gwen -- make that Spider-MJ -- as she dons the now-familiar white and pink of Earth-65's Spider-Woman. Artist Kevin Wata provides the new look for MJ on "Spider-Gwen" #21's variant.

EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Gwen #21 variant by Kevin Wada

Finally, Mary Jane protects Spidey as she steps into the costume for Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson illustrated the explosive "What If...?"-style moment for "The Mighty Captain Marvel" #6's variant.

EXCLUSIVE: The Mighty Captain Marvel #6 variant by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson
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