EXCLUSIVE: Marvel's Venom Variants Infect Wolverine, Tippy-Toe & More

This March, Marvel Comics' variant theme revisits a classic idea when Venom's symbiotic infects the heroes of the Marvel Universe. The publisher is rolling out the first look at the covers today, and CBR has the exclusive reveal of four of them right here!

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Francesco Mattina provides the horrifying art for "All-New Wolverine" #18, "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #13 gets Venomized by artist Tom Raney, "Totally Awesome Hulk" #17 sees Amadeus Cho add a symbiotic supplement to his lift day courtesy of Mike Choi, and the unthinkable happens when Tippy-Toe goes all Venom-tastic on Kate Leth's variant cover for "Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" #18.

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Check out these covers below, and check back with CBR later for more of Marvel's Venomized variants.



Captain America: Steve Rogers #13 by Tom Raney
Totally Awesome Hulk #17 by Mike Choi


Marvel's Venom Variant Month arrives in March, featuring symbiotic-infected versions of Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Captan America, Deadpool and more.

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