EXCLUSIVE: Marvel's Defenders-Themed Variant Covers by Mayhew, Wu, McKone & More

Marvel Comics' variant cover theme for September focuses on the street-level heroes of Hell's Kitchen, the Defenders. The comic book counterparts of the vigilantes who will comprise the roster of Netflix's first superhero team series will star across 20 different variants illustrated by a who's who line-up of A-list artists.

September is, of course, also when "Luke Cage" Season 1 arrives on Netflix. The Mike Colter-led series -- along with "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones" and "Iron Fist" -- will be the latest step towards building towards Marvel's "The Defenders" event series.

Today, CBR has the exclusive reveal of a half-dozen of these variants, including work by Annie Wu, Pasqual Ferry, Mike Mayhew and more.

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