EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Proclaims Waid & Yu's Hulk "Indestructible"

Earlier this week, Marvel Comics "revealed" a teaser for one more Marvel NOW! relaunch, strongly indicating that Kieron Gillen and Greg Land will be making their way onto "Invincible Iron Man" come November, while Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic are set to be the creative forces behind Thor's upcoming relaunch.

Today, CBR has the exclusive first look at the publisher's latest teaser, which hints strongly at Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu teaming to shape the future of the infamous green giant, the Incredible -- or rather Indestructible -- Hulk!

UPDATED: Waid confirmed the title as being a Hulk book today on Twitter: "Thanks to all for the congrats on HULK, which Leinil Yu and I will take over in November! If you like DAREDEVIL, you'll like this! Promise!"

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on all the Marvel NOW! plans as they become available.

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