EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Manga Variants for "Ant-Man," "Guardians" and "Silk"

In August, Marvel Comics celebrates manga with a series of variant covers featuring the publisher's top characters illustrated by some of Japan's top artists. Today, CBR has the exclusive first look at three of them -- "Ant-Man: Last Days" by "Maken X Another" and "Dorohedoro" creator Q Hayashida, "Guardians of Knowhere" #3 by "Trigun" creator Yasuhiro Nightow, and and "Silk" #7 by an art team Marvel fans have become very familiar with over the years, Gurihiru.

Check out all three covers below, and check out some art from Marvel's October variant theme celebrating classic hip-hop album covers!

Marvel Kicks it Old School with Classic Hip-Hop Album Variant Covers

Marvel's manga variants are scheduled for release in August.

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