EXCLUSIVE: Marquez Brings Daredevil to "Avengers A.I." #7.INH Cover

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Dave Marquez's cover for "Avengers A.I." #7.INH written by Sam Humphries with art by Andre Lima Araujo. Marquez's cover depicts the cast of "Avengers A.I." with Daredevil in the foreground and his radar sense echoing across the image -- a guest appearance that Humphries teased in an interview earlier in September.

"'Avengers A.I.' will always show you things, and take you places, and blow your wig off in a way that no other book will. It takes place firmly within the Marvel Universe, and that will be even more clear in the second arc," Humphries told CBR. "We'll see them meet and occasionally bruise other characters of the Marvel Universe -- including a certain red-clad citizen of New York City. We'll see them be a part of big events in the Marvel Universe -- including an event you've heard a lot about recently. We'll see them tangle with the future of the Marvel Universe -- even the deep, deep future. The Avengers' future. (I think I said too much.)"

Check out Marquez's cover below.

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