EXCLUSIVE: Millar Releases A Wave of Hints For His Secret Christmas Comic

It's been two months since Mark Millar announced his latest unexpected comics marketing push: a sequel series to one of his Millarworld titles that's so secret no one will know what it is until it ships to stores at Christmastime.

But just because the series will remain under wraps until then doesn't mean Millar has nothing to share about it. CBR has an exclusive first look at the mystery comic in the form of three cover "clips" and a series of dialogue-heavy panels from inside the book. While no main characters, costumes or settings are revealed, these images provide plenty of fodder for fans to guess at which Millarworld series will release its next installment from the Netflix-based, Image Comics-published line this December.

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Let's dive in with close-up clips from the first three covers from the series, each of which show off a painterly illustrative style:

The imagery here is evocative, but it could mean any number of things. The vaguely period costuming and ornate masks could easily be drawn from Millarworld space fantasy epics like Starlight and Empress. Though the middle image could swing from demonic aliens to straight-up demons – perhaps from more fantastic comics like The Magic Order or American Jesus?

And the mystery deepens with the series of dialogue panels Millar released:

The visual style in these pages – or what we can see of it – isn't quite enough to reveal who Millar's artistic collaborator could be. But it's clear that at least part of this series takes place in an earth urban environment such as Millarworld comics MPH and Prodigy played with.

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And dialogue here holds clues that could go any number of ways. For one, while references to classic pop culture are never in short supply in a Millar comic, the notes about the Herbie The Lovebug movies could show that these scenes take place in the past. Might the writer be returning to the era of his creator-centric Marvel series 1985 but dropping all references to his former publishing home? Unlikely, though other comics can also easily reach into the past including American Jesus and potentially Huck.

Beyond that, talk of infiltrated societies and class warfare themes are common in Millar projects like Nemesis and The Magic Order. And the contrast of "We don't have much time" and "Everything's going to be just fine" hints at a colossal conflict with extremely high stakes.

So how do you read the tea leaves? What's your best guess as to the Millarworld series shops will be receiving on December 18?

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