EXCLUSIVE: Major X and Cable Make Waves in Marvel Preview

If comic books have proven anything, it's that everything can explode. As a result, the superhero branch of the medium is full of heroes barely escaping a plethora of detonating nouns: facilities, caves, laboratories, planets, universes. A preview for Major X #3 sees the eponymous hero and his father, Cable, escaping an undersea base just before it, you know, explodes.

The preview follows directly after the events of Major X #2, which saw Major X and Cable exploring the underwater Graymalkin base as they searched for answers regarding the destruction of the X-Istence, as well as the location of the realm's creator, the X-Ential. Neither hero found the answers they were looking for, but they did throw down with villains Sharkskin and Eel.

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The preview also reveals what Wolverine and the alternate reality version of Beast, M'Koy, were up to while Major X and Cable were risking their lives. Apparently, the answer is "having a tussle." As Major X and Cable fight off their attackers in Graymalkin, Wolverine and M'Koy were having a bit of fun by sparring in the Danger Room. The team's next steps will undoubtedly be outlined in Major X #3.

Major X #3 goes on sale May 1. Rob Liefeld writes the issue. Whilce Portacio provides the art. Liefeld also provides the issue's cover.

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