EXCLUSIVE: "MAD Magazine" Quotes The Presidential Candidates (Honestly)

The road to the next Presidential election will be one long torturous slog judging by the (super) early primaries. But that also means "MAD Magazine" will be sending up politicians in full force for the next 16 months.

The magazine shared with CBR an exclusive strip from inside Wednesday's "MAD" #535 focusing on the early candidates. Under Mark Fredrickson's Hillary "Furiosa" Clinton cover, Jeff Kruse and Ward Sutton share some "Campaign Quotes That Would Be Refreshing."

The issue also includes features on:

* MAD's Tips for Tipping * Sympathy Cards we Wish we Could Buy * Political campaign movie posters * How to tell if you are a foodie * The Scavangers (parody of Avengers)

"MAD" #535 is on sale this Wednesday, August 12.

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