EXCLUSIVE: Lynn Minmei Rounds Out Robotech Variant Covers


"Robotech" fans have been champing at the bit since it was first announced that Titan Comics would be bringing the franchise back to comics in 2017. And while information about the series itself has been a bit on the thin side, in recent months we've been treated to cover art offering some idea of what to expect from the Brian Wood-scripted series.

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Earlier this week, CBR debuted artist Karl Kerschl's variant covers for "Robotech" #1-4, featuring Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Roy Fokker and Claudia Grant. Today, we add a final cover to the mix: Lynn Minmei, whose incentive variant for Issue #1 will be available in a 1:10 ratio.

Despite this latest cover announcement, much remains unknown about Titan’s “Robotech” title. The publisher has yet to announce who will be producing the comic’s interior art, or its actual release date beyond the “early 2017” timeframe that accompanied the initial announcement of the series back in June 2016.

You can check out all five the covers in the gallery below, and stay tuned to CBR for more information on "Robotech" as it breaks!

[vn_gallery name="Robotech Variant covers by Karl Kerschl" id="1045483"]

Created by re-editing three different anime series, “Robotech” originally aired in syndication in the United States in 1984. It’s a sci-fi epic in which the human race finds itself on the brink of annihilation and under attack by a fleet of gigantic alien warships capable of destroying Earth. Humanity’s only hope for survival lies within the secrets of Robotechnology, which allows humans to develop powerful transforming robotic systems and interstellar spacecraft.

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