EXCLUSIVE: Look Inside "Transformers Prime"

For audiences of The Hub Network, the robots in disguise have hit prime time. And thanks to the network, CBR News is happy to present exclusive early screen grabs from this week's episode of the CGI action cartoon "Transformers Prime."

Launched late last year by the network under the watchful eye of "Transformers" film writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, "Prime" tells the story of the reignited Autobot/Decepticon war on Earth after the villain Megatron returns from a three-year absence with the mysterious Dark Energon in hand. Entitled "Deus Ex Machina," this Friday's episode (which debuts on the cable channel at 6:30PM EST) focuses on the Autobot's human ally Miko teaming up with Bulkhead to recover an Energon Harvester in Greece while Starscream and Lugnut make moves of their own all the while Megatron struggles to stay alive.

Check out our exclusive first look below and for more on the series or to see where The Hub appears in your area, visit www.hubworld.com

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