EXCLUSIVE: Look Inside Manapul's "The Flash"

September may seem like an eternity from now for fans of DC Comics who have already spent several weeks wondering what exactly the relaunch of the DC Universe holds in store for their favorite heroes. However, some details of the 52 #1 issues shipping to comic shops that month have begun hitting the web, including a brand new look at "The Flash" #1 that DC provided exclusively to CBR.

The above spread by Francis Manapul represents the opening scene of the series first issues. After serving as artist for Geoff Johns' pre-relaunch run featuring Barry Allen in the red cowl, the penciler will continue to tell the adventures of Central City's costumes science cop both as artist and co-writer along with his on-page collaborator Brian Buccellato. While many questions remain about how the new series will operate and whether it will still present the Fastest Man Alive's cases in the mystery format of the last series, Manapul's penchant for playing with visual representations of the hero's speed will obviously remain intact.

Stay tuned in the days ahead for an interview with Manapul and Buccellato and all the news coming out of DC in September.

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