EXCLUSIVE: Legendary Takes Wagner & Bisley's "Tower Chronicles" Monthly

To better meet the demands of the modern comics marketplace, Legendary Comics is making a change in one of its cornerstone series, without switching up the content.

Today, the publishing division of Thomas Tull's movie studio announced exclusively to CBR that "The Tower Chronicles" -- the demon-hunting action series by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley -- will shift format from larger prestige volumes to a regular monthly comic starting in April, when "Tower Chronicles: DreadStalker" arrives in stores, marking the second major story in the franchise's planned trilogy.

Legendary has also provided CBR with a first look at Bisley's cover to "DreadStalkers'" first issue, though the overall series work has been underway for quite some time. As Wagner explained the CBR last year, "[Simon] and I get much more used to working together, and I get better at writing for him, and he gets better at delivering what I ask for. Just the other day, he turned in some pencils for a sequence involving these disgusting little characters, and he drew them so much better than I was imagining. As a writer who's also an artist, when you get pencils like that in, it's so thrilling."

"The Tower Chronicles" focuses on demon hunter John Tower and his mysterious past. "I think with these aloof, tough characters, there's a real passionate human being in the middle of all of that who has somehow seen something too tragic or too terrible that has driven them to desperate action," Wagner said. "Same is true of Batman or most of Clint Eastwood's roster of characters, and it's at the heart of what we'll discover about John Tower."

Readers can pick up the first monthly issue of "The Tower Chronicles: DreadStalker" in April 2014.

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