EXCLUSIVE: Kid Miracleman Features in "All-New Miracleman Annual" #1 Pages

In this week's installment of Axel-in-Charge, Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada joined CBR to discuss one of the publisher's anticipated comics projects: "All-New Miracleman Annual" #1 with a story drawn by Quesada and written by Grant Morrison as well as a story by "X-Statix" creative team Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. He also shared some exclusive art -- both of Milligan and Allred's story and a brand new page of his story with Morrison featuring Kid Miracleman.

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"The story is timeless in the sense that it was written to be inserted in the original run and it has its place within the original continuity," Quesada told CBR. "It's an unseen story that takes place before the battle over London. I believe it was written when Grant was 19 and I worked off his original manuscript, which can be seen in the bonus material in the back of the issue. Grant was intimately involved with the process as a now older, more seasoned Grant took to editing his 19-year-old self, and that alone seems like a perfectly trippy Morrisonesque kind of thing to have happen which makes me smile."

Check out the images below, including Quesada's variant cover, a preview of the Morrison & Quesada story, and the Milligan & Allred story.

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