EXCLUSIVE: Karate Kid Gets Illustrated Storybook For 35th Anniversary

Quirk Books is releasing a picture book adaptation of The Karate Kid just in time for the film's 35th anniversary as part of the publisher's Pop Classics series, and we've got an exclusive reveal of the book's trailer.

Kim Smith will illustrate the book. Her credits include such works as Over the River  & Through the Woods and The Great Puppy Invasion. Karate Kid is scheduled for release May 7 and will retail for $18.99 USD.

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Released in 1984, Karate Kid was directed by John G. Avildsen and written by Robert Mark Kamen. The movie focuses on Daniel as he learns martial arts from his neighbour, Mr. Miyagi. The movie grossed $91 million against a budget of $8 million and went on to spawn sequels, games, toys and a 2010 remake starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. YouTube's Cobra Kai series is the newest installment in the Karate Kid universe.

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Cobra Kai Season 2 returns for YouTube Premium subscribers on April 24. The season sees the return of Zabka and Macchio in their iconic roles, as well Martin Kove reprising his Karate Kid role as the Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese.

Karate Kid, illustrated by Kim Smith, goes on sale May 7.

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