EXCLUSIVE: "Justice League 3000" Squares Off with Beetle, Booster, Fire & Ice.

When CBR News spoke with comics legend Keith Giffen about his plans for bringing some of the old bwa-ha-ha to "Justice League 3000," he explained that while Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire and Ice are all headed to the future, fans shouldn't expect them to take over the series. "right now, I'm looking at them as to how the Inhumans were to the Fantastic Four," Giffen explained. "These are characters who will support the main book. I don't see these guys immediately running out and joining the Justice League.

"I've got plans for [them]," Giffen continued. "In fact, we give away our plans in a Channel 52 two-page spread. Our two-page spread will freak a lot of people out because we pretty much lay it out -- 'Here's what we're doing!' The cool thing is, since it's in the DC Channel 52 thing, it'll be in all the DC books. Maybe there's some guy who has no idea what we're doing in 'Justice League 3000' and maybe he'll be curious enough to pick it up."

Well, today CBR has the exclusive reveal of the art Giffen was talking about, and judging by the hostile glares and aggressive stances of both sets of Leaguers, not only does it look like the old school heroes are unlikely to join the future counterparts of their old teammates, it appears as though things are going to get downright hostile!

The first appearance of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle is set for "Justice League 3000" #12 on December 3. Giffen has been clear that these versions of the characters come directly from his bwa-ha-ha run on "Justice League" with J.M. DeMatteis -- and considering the upcoming "Convergence" miniseries will be featuring dozens of pre-"Flashpoint" versions of DC's characters, the timing couldn't be better for these particular worlds to collide.

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