Exclusive Joseph Michael Linsner Dawn Print Benefits CBLDF at Dragon*Con

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Joseph Michael Linsner, the acclaimed creator of Dawn, has created a newprint to be unveiled at Dragon*Con supporting the CBLDF's defense ofGordon Lee. "Inflammatory Pages" is a stunning new Dawn image that willbe available at Dragon*Con in a strictly limited edition of 250 signedcopies, with all profits benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Linsner says, "Just like the Avengers or the Justice League of America,the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has always been there to save andprotect those without the resources to defend themselves. I believe inworthy causes, and I believe in the comic book industry. I plan onbeing in this field for a good many years to come. I want to see itthrive & prosper. We all have to do our part to see that happen."

This print benefits the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund on the eve of thehearing on the motions in the Gordon Lee case. Lee is facing up tothree years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines for accidentallydistributing a Free Comic Book Day book to a minor that included a storydepicting the first meeting between Braque and Picasso. The comic,which was factually accurate, includes a short sequence of Picassopainting in the nude. Lee was arrested and has been charged with"Distributing Material Depicting Nudity/Sexual Conduct" a felony chargethat prohibits any citizen of Georgia from disseminating unsolicited anymaterial with mere nudity. The Fund is challenging theconstitutionality of this law, which, as applied to this case, wouldprohibit a retailer from letting a customer take home a sample copy ofcomics such as Watchmen or Sandman: A Game of You, both of which includeminor nudity. Lee is also charged with the misdemeanor offense of"Distributing Harmful to Minors Materials," which applies the Millerobscenity test to minors, a charge he is innocent of . A public apologyshould have sufficed. The state, instead, is looking to lock Lee away.The Fund has initiated an aggressive defense of Lee 's rights, includinga constitutional challenge to the state's blatantly unconstitutionalnudity law. The case to date has cost in excess of $30,000 for pretrialmotions. The hearing on those motions will occur on September 8 and thetrial is scheduled to occur four days later. A day in court will cost aminimum of $5,000, and the trial is anticipated to run a minimum of onecourt week.

Eva Hopkins, Linsner's colorist and office goddess of Linsner.com spearheaded this special effort. Hopkins says,"Fighting this particular case is important to all lovers of art. Thefact is, the art I work on (both my own and Joe's) and the art I love toperuse has lots of elements in it that seriously push the envelope. InGwinnett County, GA, I can't hand another adult copies of my own workunless it's in plain brown wrapper. Something's really rotten aboutthat. I am proud to have this opportunity to support the CBLDF."

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein says, "This case is a threatto all lovers of art and comics in the state of Georgia, and the Fundneeds the support of readers and professionals alike to nip this threatin the bud. We're grateful to Joe, Eva Hopkins, and the Linsner.com crew for making this benefit print, and to theDragon*Con community for supporting our endeavors at this very importanttime."

Dragon*Con starts on September 2 and runs until September 5 in Atlanta,GA. This print will be available from the Luna Muse Studios table, andfrom the CBLDF. For more information on Dragon*Con, please visitwww.DragonCon.org. For more information onDawn and Joseph Michael Linsner visit www.linsner.com. For more information on the CBLDF and theirdefense of Gordon Lee, please visit www.cbldf.org.
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