EXCLUSIVE: Johns Announces "Justice League" Departure Ahead Of "Rebirth"

This May will see the release of DC Comics' status-quo defining "Rebirth" event. DC CCO Geoff Johns will handle the massive issue's script, which will be illustrated by DC mainstays Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez and Gary Frank.

In an exclusive <"/article/exclusive-geoff-johns-details-rebirth-plan-seeks-to-restore-legacy-to-dc-universe">interview with CBR, Johns revealed that turning in a script for an 80-page comic as important as "DC Universe: Rebirth" led to him stepping away from "Justice League."

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"[T]o really give everything I can to 'Rebirth,' 'Justice League' #50 will be my last issue of 'Justice League' -- I'll be stepping off the book with [artist] Jason Fabok," said Johns. "But by doing that, leaving the book on what Jay and I think is a high for us with the end of 'Darkseid War,' it's given me the time to work on 'Rebirth.'" DC's recent solicitations list Johns as the book's writer for #51, but DC Comics tells CBR News that information will soon be updated with the new writer's name.

Johns also remained secretive about which monthly series he will write following the release of "DC Universe: Rebirth" in May. "For now, I'm concentrated really on this one-shot and then what comes next spinning out of it, which we can talk about soon," said Johns. "I'm putting everything I have into it. It really is important to me to make it the absolute best I possibly I can. And I'm having an absolute blast with it. It's the most fun I've had writing comics ever."

"Rebirth" will occur following the publication of issue #52 of the original "New 52" titles this May; "Justice League," which is a month behind the other original "New 52" series, has issue #51 solicited for release May, with Johns still listed as the writer. Johns has been the writer of this volume of "Justice League" since its launch in 2011.

DC Comics also tells CBR that a number of the publisher's core titles will switch to a twice-monthly schedule, although which specific books has yet to be revealed. This corroborates previous rumors regarding "Rebirth." Additionally, all comics set in the DC Universe will be priced at $2.99.

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